Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
Shopping for your home is easy and fun at ArchiDepo. All you have to do is send your order and we will take care of delivering your products fast and safely. Delivery time depends on your order, as some of the radiators take 3-6 weeks for production, after which our forwarders take care to ship your goods to the requested location. Depending on your location we offer sea, air or road transportation for your order at fair prices. Based on your delivery address along with the shipping method you choose, your order delivery can take up to 2-3 days in case of air freight, 7-21 days in case of sea freight and 3-10 days for road transport on the European continent and Russia.

We aim to make shopping at ArchiDepo as easy as possible for you, which is which we also support the shipping costs in case you choose a delivery address from an EU country. All you have to do is choose your products, send the order and we will make sure you receive your order fast and safe!

Having trouble deciding? Our customer service is here to help. Send us your question and you will receive as soon as possible the needed information!
Privacy & Security
The trust and satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, which is why we pay extra-attention to handling your data. 
Your account information and payment information are safely stored and handled by our data security department.


We guarantee that your personal data won't be sold or leased to other companies. We will not transfer any information to third persons, except for order transaction uses!


Data protection is one of our priorities, which is why we constantly optimize or data security system and processing. 
We process and keep safe the data that the customer voluntarily submits when registering or contacting us, such as name, 
address, telephone number or e-mail address, user name and password. 
Along with this information, you will also be asked to provide information in case of placing an order and submitting the payment. 
Beside our Data protection policy, this information is also protected by our payment processing partners. 
In addition, ArchiDepo collects the IP-address, which uses to protect the customer and to prevent or to detect misuse of the website. 
Please keep in mind that the IP-address will only be used and handled in a shortened form to exclude the possibility of a direct connection 
to a person.

In order to be able to use the shopping cart and to enable customer recognition in case of repeated visits on our website, 
ArchiDepo saves so-called „cookies“ on the visitor’s computer.
What are cookies? We use cookies to improve your shopping experience, some of them being essential for some of the features to work, other are useful to collect information of the use of the website and other are temporary, which will disappear when you close your browser. The necessary cookies are used to: • remember what is in your shopping cart • remember how far you are through an order Functional cookies are used to: • remember your log-in details • make sure you are secure when logged-in • make sure that the web site looks consistent .


Your personal data will neither be sold or rented to other businesses for promotion purposes. A transfer to a third party for commercial and uncommercial reasons does not take place, except for the handling of your order!

Returns & Replacements
In case you will decide to exercise your right of returning or replacing the ordered goods, please note the following:

- you can only return or replace items ordered from stock, in which case you will have to bear the shipping costs of returning/replacing the goods.

- in order to be able to return the goods, you have to send our staff a notice, no later than 14 days after receiving your order. - in case of returning/replacing the goods, the items shall be sent back undamaged, in their original package.

- in case of wanting to return damaged goods, ArchiDepo will fail to comply with your request, unless the goods were received damaged, case in which you are due to inform us immediately. Please not that we may ask you to provide images of the damaged goods.

- in case of deciding to return custom made items, please note that we will fail to comply with your request.

- unless fully paid, the goods shall remain our property and by delaying the payment of the order for more than one month the order will be considered canceled, or you can cancel it by contacting us by e-mail.
We do our best to ensure a safe and easy ordering process, providing all the information needed each step during your checkout.

All you have to do:
- choose the model of needed radiator, along with the dimensions according to your space, colour, hydraulic connection and accessories according to the selected version.

-add to cart the chosen models and just click “View cart” button. You will now see your order listed and all you have to do is click the “Proceed to Checkout” button and provide all the requested information for registering your order.

-after choosing the desired payment method, send us your order by clicking “Place order now”.

- you can send your order without having registered an account with our or you can just check the box for “Create and account for later use”.

- after receiving your order and payment, our staff will process your request and provide you all the information regarding the status of your order.

In case you need any information or just have an enquiry do not hesitate to contact our customer service member through our contact form or by sending us an e-mail.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
ArchiDepo is about the simple way of purchasing what you need, which is why we put at your disposal some of the safest 
and easiest way for payment: 
- PayPal: check out simply and securely at with just an email address and password. Place your order, choose PayPal as payment method and 
you will automatically be redirected to your PayPal account: you pay with two clicks! 

PayPal has one more advantage now: by linking your credit card to your PayPal account you can send the payment directly 
from your credit card. 
Payment has never been easier! 

- Credit card: if you are not yet a PayPal user, you can choose the Credit Card payment method. Just fill in the required information 
from your card and send the payment with one click:  quick and safe! 
If you have any questions about your order or the debit entry, please contact us and do not arrange any re-transfer! This will lead to
unnecessary costs, which we might have to bill you for.
Please note that we will not go further to shipping arrangements until the payment confirmation will be made. Any information regarding 
the shipping term will be communicated, following the arrangements.
Our price policy is built on the customer’s advantage and satisfaction. We practice fair prices both for the products provided 
but also for the shipping costs. 
Shopping at ArchiDepo offers you the possibility of purchasing high quality radiators at very good prices; save money and pick the 
perfect item for you!
Visit us and check our promotions or receive a coupon for your order! You can find your preferred radiator at the best price if you keep up 
with the news on our promotions.
Become an active customer and based on your order history you will benefit of personalised offers for your orders. 
In case the item needed exceeds your budget, just send us an e-mail and we will do our best to help! Our team is here to analyse and solve 
your request. Have you decided yet???
Viewing Orders
After creating your account on our website, you will be able to keep track of all your activity with ArchiDepo. Surf through the menu on the right of the page in your account; you can view your current order and the history off all your orders, or you can take a look at your wishlist, reviews or account information. In case you need to edit your order, send us an e-mail at and our customer service team will gladly help you. .
Updating Account Information
If something changed, let us know! In order to make sure shopping with us will always be a pleasant experience, we recommend you to update your account information each time something changed. You can edit your contact details from your customer account. All you have to do is log into your account, click on your account dashboard and edit the information. Make sure you provide the correct shipping address and telephone number, as these are important details for receiving your order in time. Forgotten your password? If you lost or just don’t remember your password, click on the link under the account information fields, provide your e-mail address and we will send you an e-mail to reset your password. In case you have any enquiry or just need some help, do not hesitate to contact